среда, июля 04, 2007

So!!! G-r-r-r-r damn... Where these elven?!

en: I ask to forgive for long absence. But now I am back. Welcome!
And here my new inspiration:
http://paperwalker.blogspot.com/ - great, great characters, and pictures, and colors!!!

5 комментариев:

UM комментирует...

Happy Birthday to you too, Maksim!

Richard Gaines комментирует...

Great great work, Maksim!!! I love the character designs!

Maksim Nikonets комментирует...

To um:
Thank you very much!

To Richard Gaines:
I thank you for an High appreciation! And Welcome!

Jafar комментирует...

Hey Maksim,

Good to see you back and thanks for visiting my blog. Your new artwork looks awesome. Keep posting.


Alina Chau комментирует...

Wicked character!